Are you frustrated with Facebook and ready to stop (and swap!) the spray and pray social media marketing for strategic sales techniques that get you paid?

Then it’s time to let me help you turn your skills into sales - and sell high ticket, high transformation packages to corporate companies.

Perhaps you left the corporate world, disillusioned and frustrated with the red tape, politics and water cooler gossip?
Or maybe you’ve never worked in the corporate world at all - and think that working with corporate organisations is all sky high stilettos, briefcases and endless meetings?

The world is changing… and corporations are spending more than ever before on external service providers to help them achieve the results that they’re looking for.
So if you’re not sure that you can

a) create a freedom based business whilst selling to organisations instead of solopreneurs

b) convince corporate companies that they need your skills to help them improve their companies and benefit their employees

c) figure out how to sell to them in the first place
There has never been a better time to start selling to corporate companies.
In an era when organisations are no longer simply focusing on profits - but are prioritising;
  • Profitability
  • Mental Health
  • Productivity
  • Talent Development & Retention
  • Transformation & Change
  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Executive Coaching
  • Communications

Not to mention external consultants in core business areas such as sales, marketing, finance and more.
It doesn't matter if you've never sold to a corporate organisation before or even if you've been selling to them for a while ... in a feast or famine way.

Here's how you can get the support, step-by-step system and strategies that I've used with my private clients to help them sell (and deliver) to corporate companies on their terms - and create truly financially free businesses that impact household name organisations across the globe.

Case Study: Julie Dennis: 
Menopause in the Workplace Expert
“18 months ago my business was broken. Whilst I was busy doing all the things - building a list, living on Facebook, writing a book, networking, etc income was practically zero, I was embarrassed I couldn’t make my business work and I felt like a failure.

This week I’ve worked with clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the House of Lords and next week I’ve got client work in London and I’m speaking at a conference in Cardiff.
I’m visible in all the right places, I’m earning good money, feeling good about myself and my business and I’m only really working part time 

What's changed?

18 months ago I started working with Jess and she helped me pivot my business to working with corporates. It’s been life-changing.
If you’re thinking you’d like to work with corporates but you’re not sure how to get started I’d thoroughly recommend you get signed up for her selling to corporate conference in November.”
In January 2018, Julie decided that her business had to change. She was tired of being the credible expert - who wasn’t getting paid. She had an email list, a Facebook group and was doing everything that internet marketers said would work… but it just wasn’t taking off. She decided to work with me and we revamped her business to create offers and deliver to corporate companies.

Over the last 18 months, Julie has worked with incredible organisations within multiple different industries and has become not only the credible expert - but the well paid and well respected, leading expert in helping organisations manage menopause symptoms and policies. It took Julie just 6 weeks to land her first corporate client… and 18 months later, her business runs like clockwork; generating regular leads, being referred for more work and being asked to speak at prestigious events.

Imagine what your business could look like if you had a steady stream of referrals?
Corporate organisations clamouring to hire you as a keynote speaker?
Or develop key training programmes / workshops and coaching experiences for them?
Getting paid to work with household name organisations that you already admire…

 So why learn from me?
In my corporate career, my specialty was new business development. Over ten years in the corporate world, I worked in over 16 different industries, multiple disciplines and helped generate literally millions of pounds worth of revenue outside of preferred supplier agreements. 

 I was renowned for being able to open doors, build relationships and sign large contract agreements with companies that everyone wanted to work with - using a simple approach to sales.

Over the last five years running my own business, I’ve helped over 3000 entrepreneurs skyrocket their revenue… and a multitude of entrepreneurs sell to corporate companies, landing contracts like;
  • ​Booked £7000 of corporate contracts since the event. 
  • ​Gave an impromptu 10 minute talk at a key City networking event when their speaker needed assistance.
  • ​Reached out to their 'low hanging fruit' and was asked to create their first corporate proposal!
  • ​Used one of the lead generation techniques and landed a meeting with one of the Big 4 Consultancy Firms.
  • ​Landed a meeting with an organisation and used the 'stacking' approach - and has been asked to submit a £30K proposal!
  • ​Attendees have shared networks and connections, leading to new relationships and meetings being booked.
  • ​Booked not one, but three corporate contracts within 7 days of the event finishing, having never sold to corporate companies before.
If you’re a coach, consultant or service based business owner who is ready to sell B2B, then you couldn’t be in safer hands!
Introducing: The C Suite®
Introducing: The C Suite®
The C Suite® is the only annual, strategic ‘Selling to Corporate’ practical learning experience that gives you access to;
  • Access templates, scripts and downloads for lead generation, email creation and pitch creation and delivery so that you can focus on simply showing up, sharing your expertise and winning more business.
  • Instantly applicable techniques and strategies in the five key areas; Lead Generation, Relationship Building, Offer Creation, Sales and Market Monopoly so that you can use proven strategies to dominate your industry, build better relationships and make more money.
  • ​Quarterly Check Ins where you’ll be able to assess your progress, set KPIs and hear about the most successful business development, lead generation and sales strategies from each quarter.
  • ​2 Business Development Days per month where you can connect and network virtually with other C Suite® members and set clear business development goals and tasks so that you stay accountable to taking action and seeing the results you want.
  • ​Regular ‘pitch clinics’; I’ll be bringing hiring managers who are actively looking for external service providers for some of the worlds best organisations, biggest brands and government organisations. You’ll be able to ask questions, learn more about their project pipelines and pitch your services too!
  • Monthly Group Calls focused around both strategy and mindset; to give you the real foundations you need to be successful when selling to corporate organisations.

The C Suite® is here to give you the proven strategies and techniques to propel your profits and successfully sell your services to corporate organisations in 2020 and beyond.

Running a business when you’re not making the money that you want is frustrating. And it’s even more frustrating when you feel like you’re doing #AllTheThings and not getting the results you want. After all, 80 hour work weeks aren’t what you signed up for when you decided to become an entrepreneur and live the laptop lifestyle… #AmIRight?!

In 2020, corporate organisations are going to spend more than two trillion dollars on hiring external service providers to help them navigate an ever-changing business landscape. Focusing on key returns such as; Profitability, Productivity and Reputation, organisations are looking for expert service providers who can help their businesses become the best employers, dominate their markets and generate profits.

That’s why The C Suite® focuses on the PPR Framework - and makes sure that you are delivering true excellence to your clients by giving you the exact tools, templates and strategies that you need to sell strategically, successfully and simply to corporate companies.

The C Suite® will help you:

  • Stay accountable and strategic with regular business development, encouraging best business development practice and helping you win more business.
  • Practice innovative lead generation and marketing techniques that are a) completely free, b) avoid spray and pray social media marketing and c) position you as the market leader in your industry - even if you’ve never sold to corporate organisations before.
  • Give you the practical and consultative sales skills - and supportive space to practice them - so that you are able to easily win business without ever feeling sleazy.
  • ​Teach you how to navigate high-pressure corporate situations including negotiations, referrals and board-level proposals.
  • ​Help you package and sell at any level in organisations including; keynote talks, focused work-groups, workshops, virtual
  • ​Give you a supportive environment, regular networking and strategic advice from Jess and other relevant partners including mindset experts, hiring managers and speaking experts so that you’re able to leverage the relationships and support that you gain from The C Suite® to win more business, share wins and get advice and support on obstacles that you may face.
Need to think a little more? Keep reading… organisations need YOU.
Need to think a little more? Keep reading… organisations need YOU.
1. Corporate organisations will be spending over 2.5 trillion dollars in 2021 on external suppliers.
And they’re looking for skills like yours to help enhance their organisations. In the current climate where organisations are looking to improve not just profitability, but also productivity, wellbeing, transformation/ change, coaching, talent development, communications and more. Which means that if you are a coach, consultant or service based business owner with a skill… there’s a corporate organisation out there ready to hire YOU!
2. Companies love experts.
If you’ve been selling B2C (business to consumer), to individuals or solopreneurs, then you’ve probably been working really hard to a) establish yourself as the expert and b) convince the end consumer that they do need to hire an expert in order to get the results that they’re looking for.
Companies don’t think like that. They love to invest in experts who can help their employees get faster results - because they recognise that they can’t do everything themselves.
3. Contract Size.
Corporate companies (and the contracts that you’re bidding for,) all vary. But the average corporate contract in 2018 was worth £10,000. Even if you have just ten clients per year, you can surpass six figures in revenue with ease. Not to mention the high end contracts and retainer options that I’ll be teaching you at Converting Corporates: The Event plus the opportunity to map out your 250K + corporate sales plan.
4. Selling is way simpler.
If you’ve ever sold B2C, particularly in the online business space, then you’ll know that ‘content is king’. Not only that but selling to individuals can require a lot of work; consistent content production, a strong social media presence and a high level of accessibility. 
Selling to corporate companies is a lot simpler; it involves solid relationships, creating conversations and being totally transparent about your objectives. No need to hide your desire to work with them or try and ‘hide’ the fact that you want to sell… just clear, transparent conversations about solving their problems.
5. Fewer clients, more revenue.
Are you currently starting each month from zero? Selling retainers and high end programmes to corporate companies means that you can actually take fewer clients on, earn more money and have a great starting revenue base each month. Imagine just having 3-5 clients per month - and making multi-six figures per year? It is possible when you’re selling and delivering to corporate organisations.
6. They’re forward thinking...
We’ve all worked for corporate companies and experienced the red tape, politics and corporate quirks. But actually companies are progressing rapidly. Whether it’s prioritising employee wellbeing, celebrating new initiatives or simply using video conferencing software to allow external suppliers to deliver; corporate companies are fast moving towards new working and wellbeing structures that can allow you to sell effectively to organisations and have the freedom lifestyle that you want.
Here’s What Some Of The Clients Are Saying

Jessica Lorimer's "C Suite®" program has been a game-changer for me. I was clueless about business development and selling to corporates, but I knew I wanted to work with someone who could help me add a B2B revenue to my business after being in the online space for almost 6 years. 

I was also intrigued by how I could take my 1:1 work with individuals from underrepresented groups — to offer it on a larger scale to organizations who needed help with diversity and inclusion. Five months into The C Suite®, I've been featured in Forbes as a D&I expert, I'm sending more proposals, and I'm engaging with key stakeholders in companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix and more. Not to mention, I'm loving business development now, thanks to the thorough scripts and activities that Jess offers inside the portal and on our virtual "BD Days"! 

Jess is no-nonsense, highly experienced, and is genuinely invested in your success. She's the perfect person to have in your corner if you want to sell to corporates, which every online business owner needs now to survive and thrive today. 

Kay Fabella - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Lisa Wynn - Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Janine & Jamie Capaldi - Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Becky Strafford - Business Change Specialist

Adele Stickland - Professional Health Coach

Andy Storch - Performance Coach

'Jess is a coach like no other, I have worked with many coaches before finding her and none of them has come close to her integrity and ability to pinpoint the smartest solutions to any problem you are facing. 

Jess is incredibly smart and always seems to have the right answer for every question and working with her makes everything feel effortless and fun. She has the back of every single member of the C Suite®, and brings such a raft of experience from her corporate work which she shares so generously. 

Before meeting Jess I had no idea that my business or niche could even work in terms of selling to corporates, but she has shown me what is really possible and created a clear pathway to reaching those goals. 

If you are thinking of working with Jess, don't hesitate.'

Sandra Greenbank - Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

If anyone is sitting on the fence about joining the C Suite at the last moment – do it! 

I’m loving being part of the program because Jessica gives fluff free kind and specific advice and action steps to take…the group is so kind and supportive and there are people from all different backgrounds in there. Plus, we have a giggle.
I was financially wary of investing, and haven’t always had the best experience with coaching in the past – which has inevitably led me to be super fussy today. 

Jess doesn’t disappoint. 

This is hands (shoulders, knees and toes) down the best programme I’ve ever done, and I love that it’s so interactive. Personally, I sometimes need the support to get through any wobbles (the motivation to keep going!) and it’s amazing how everyone is so open to helping one another. Although how much you interact is, of course, up to you.

I’m a fashion stylist and creative director, from a luxury fashion background, and it’s been great re-evaluating how to use my skills sets, after a long career so far. 

I believe today life is made up of many chapters, and Jess and the C Suite is helping to open up my next one. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me…and will be back to let you know!

Aleksandra Olenska - The Style Whisperer

When Jessica said yes to working with me on a 1 to 1, I was over the moon. I had been part of her online membership community, then moved on her online programme 'EVOLVE'.

 I am passionate about my job and Jessica totally gets that. 

She understands that I need to be intellectually stimulated and she responded to that beautifully well. She adapted to my pace so 'we ran a sprint whilst running a marathon!' yes that's possible. 

She gave me a clear roadmap with my new online licensed training. I now have upgraded first class processes, messages, strategies in place. We've reviewed my habits so I have become a highly effective entrepreneur. 

She 'walks the talk'. 
She is kind, caring and a giver. She always does what she say she's going to do. Make that call and get in touch with Jessica. 

I've just agreed to a 42k contract (on my terms and dates) which is a very exciting and innovative project to work on.

This comes on top of everything else so far.
I am still awaiting a 20k business proposal as well.

 Thank you Jessica Lorimer and the community for your ongoing support.

Nadine Powrie - Executive & Leadership Coach

I would absolutely recommend the C suite! Jess is a fantastic coach. 

She’s really knowledgeable about all aspects of corporate selling and is inspiring, encouraging and always at hand to answer our questions in the group or assist with crafting the perfect reply to a corporate business lead follow up. 

The material in our portal is really comprehensive and easy to work through and I absolutely LOVE the hands on business development days where we meet online and get implementing together! 

Jess has a real gift for breaking down business concepts and making them very easy to follow. I am running my corporate business alongside a day job and 2 small children so don’t have much time to grow my biz but Jess has really helped me with creating a plan that fits with my situation and makes the most of the spare time I have.

Dr Celine Vousden - Mindset Coach
What You Can Expect Inside The C Suite®

Access to hundreds of templates, slide decks, proposal templates, email templates, call scripts and more; all designed to help make selling to corporations as easy as it can be - and maximise your success.

Regular access to hiring managers for ‘pitch clinic’ sessions where you’ll be able to see how the corporate world is shifting, ask questions and even pitch your services!

Clear segmented resources that cover the five key areas; Lead Generation, Relationship Building, Offer Creation, Sales and Market Monopoly so that you can become the undisputed market leader in your industry and blow your competition out of the water.

2 Business Development Co-Working Days per month where you’ll be able to build relationships, participate in scheduled business development, stay accountable to your tasks and network with your fellow C Suite® members.

Monthly Group Calls where you’ll be able to ask Jess any questions you might have about your sales strategy or situations that have arisen and get instant feedback and advice.

Plus a community forum where you’ll be able to share wins, ask for advice and network!

Here’s Why You Need To Join TODAY 
Now I don’t go in for ‘faux urgency’... so I’m going to be completely honest with you here. It’s totally up to YOU if you want to join The C Suite®. You can choose not to grab your spot and try and figure this out on your own. 

But if we’re totally honest with each other?

 That’s going to take you a lot longer and your results will be a lot slower.

It would be irresponsible of me not to transparently explain that if you use ‘spray and pray’ sales techniques with corporate companies in order to try and ‘figure out’ how to sell to them… that you’re going to risk ruining any future relationships and stopping your sales flow. Instead, make your life easy.

Grab your spot inside The C Suite® and get access to the templates, strategies and leverage the relationships I’ve personally built with hiring managers in some of the worlds best companies and grow your own profit margins, scale your business and enjoy your lifestyle. 

Companies my clients are already working with:

Johnson and Johnson, University of London, British Airways, Air France, Axa, AVIVA, NHS, Microsoft, Sony Entertainment, Proctor and Gamble, Sovreign Housing Association and more...

Frequently Asked Questions
What is The C Suite®
The C Suite® is an actionable hybrid learning experience, designed to help you sell your services to organisations. The C Suite® is made up of three parts; templates so that you can focus on showing up and demonstrating your expertise, rather than worry about copywriting and proposal creation, proven strategies so that you’re able to generate leads, build relationships and sell with ease and strategic masterminding support so that you create your own network of great contacts and get the best support throughout the programme to help you get your best results. 

Is it in person?
The C Suite® is a virtual experience and will be hosted in a learning management system, a community forum and will have one in-person meet during the year.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes. There is a payment plan available on all ticket types. Just click through to the payment options and you’ll be given the option to pay in full or in 12 installments. Once you commit to a payment plan, you will be expected to pay the full amount.

Can I get a refund?
Nope! We don't offer refunds on your purchase. I don't encourage people to join without considering if it's the right decision and then expecting a refund if they can’t attend/ aren’t the right fit.. We'd rather you asked ANY questions and got the answers you need beforehand so that you can grab your spot with confidence :) 

Is this suitable for business owners who aren’t based in the UK?
The strategies being taught inside The C Suite® have worked with organisations across the globe. These strategies have been used and proven in over 15 countries so far and will work for small, medium and large corporations as well as public sector and government departments.

How long is the programme?
Your participation and commitment to The C Suite® is for one year.

What kind of hiring managers can I expect to see at Pitch Clinics?
The organisations (and hiring managers) we have lined up for the beginning quarter of 2020 include;

HR / Talent Development Manager from the UK’s largest building firm.
Corporate Director within the public Health space.
Union Body President.

We also have hiring managers from luxury fashion brands, entertainment businesses, retail and FMCG firms.

If you have any questions about The C Suite®, just email I reply to every email personally Monday - Friday. 

Alternatively, if you want to chat directly about The C Suite® and whether it’s the best option for you, click here to book a no pressure, decision making consultation where you’re able to ask any questions you have about The C Suite®.

If you have any questions about The C Suite®, just email I reply to every email personally Monday - Friday. 

Alternatively, if you want to chat directly about The C Suite® and whether it’s the best option for you, click here to book a no pressure, decision making consultation where you’re able to ask any questions you have about The C Suite®.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, effort, work ethic, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.)
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